News from the Empire

LanternAn Official Missive
By Justicar Videan Tsarland

Trouble is brewing along our northern borders.  Arranian forces are massing around the passes on their side of the Bhaglier Mountains.  This can only mean one thing.

That they are gathering with their Ice Tiger allies and are going to make an unprovoked attack on the Great Suene Empire.

Five Regiments and two flights have decamped from Darkon and are now readying themselves at Fort Foxtern.  Morale among the troops are high and they are looking forward to the expected battle with Arran.

The Emperor and Prince Garrick are also mobilizing the troops at Herod to give support if needed to the troops at Fort Foxtern.

Have no fear noble citizens

The Emperor protects his people


The Way to Freedom: Season Two – Book 6
Coming soon………

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