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The latest Way to Freedom Book is HERE!

Hey there fellow Hatar Kalar…

Release day for Cavern of Sethi is TODAY!

It is available at all major retailers here


Author Interview: H.M. Clarke

Book Author Pic  300dpi14612353_1318656994824946_6092498210688300003_o

So Commander Katherine Kirk wasn’t originally the lead of H.M. Clarke’s novel, but the character had such a strong presence and influence over the story, the author could no longer deny who the true star was.

What to do when the sidekick becomes the Boss Lady? Let’s find out! Click below to find out more!

Author Interview: H.M. Clarke

News from the Empire

LanternAn Official Missive
By Justicar Videan Tsarland

Trouble is brewing along our northern borders.  Arranian forces are massing around the passes on their side of the Bhaglier Mountains.  This can only mean one thing.

That they are gathering with their Ice Tiger allies and are going to make an unprovoked attack on the Great Suene Empire.

Five Regiments and two flights have decamped from Darkon and are now readying themselves at Fort Foxtern.  Morale among the troops are high and they are looking forward to the expected battle with Arran.

The Emperor and Prince Garrick are also mobilizing the troops at Herod to give support if needed to the troops at Fort Foxtern.

Have no fear noble citizens

The Emperor protects his people


The Way to Freedom: Season Two – Book 6
Coming soon………

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Book Review – The Red King by Nick Cole

The Red KingNB: I received The Red King as an Advance Review Copy

The Cast

  • Holiday, an out of work actor who has a liking for alcohol and tobacco.
  • Frank, a Vietnam Vet and Holiday’s Neighbor
  • Ash, a woman with more on her mind than guns and survival
  • The (now) undead population of Los Angeles
  • Other shadowy figures involved with global conspiracies


The Vague Description

First off, I would just like to say that I am not a fan of anything ‘Zombie’ related.  But Nick Cole’s writing style and voice makes this book a must read for me.

I want to read the next book in the series Now to see what happens to Holiday and the rest of the group of survivors.

This book gives me the ‘Dusk ‘til Dawn’ feeling – where you think the story is leading you in one direction, before switching gears and taking a sudden turn through ‘What the?’ junction and finishing in ‘Wowville’


Being a binge drinking loner on a bender can have some advantages when the Zombie Apocalypse hits.

End Thought

I wish I could write like Nick Cole.  I love his writing style and descriptions.  And anyone who puts gum trees (eucalyptus trees) in their landscapes is great with me 🙂

 Get The Red King Here!

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The Dream Thief is here!

The Dream Thief 3DHello Everyone 🙂

Book two of the Way to Freedom Series, The Dream Thief, is now out on Amazon


Book Blurb

The Empire is on the verge of war.

The ancient enemy has returned and betrayal is thick in the air.

Eight years after Kalena became a Flyer, she is being sent North with her wing to garrison the mountainous Northern Pass. They are the first line of defense against unknown enemy numbers.

But what she encounters there, no one could have foreseen and is more dangerous than what the Empire faces to the North.

The Dream Thief is available now here

Book One: The Kalarthri is available here

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IBD Award!

Hi everyone!

I’ve just been informed that The Enclave has been made the Indie Book of the Day by Indie Book of the Day.com


the-enclave-3d 5 stars



Click here to see the site.

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Kindle Countdown for ‘The Enclave’

Hello SciFi Fans!

Just a note to tell everyone that ‘The Enclave’ is going to be on a Kindle Countdown Deal on both Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

Dates for Amazon.com are

20th October 2014 – $0.99

22nd October 2014 – $1.99

24th October 2014 – $2.99 and then on

27th October 2014 – $3.99 (back to the Recommended Retail Price)

Dates for Amazon UK are

20th October 2014 – 99p

27th October 2014 – Back to Recommended Retail Price

Now is the perfect time to grab a kindle copy of ‘The Enclave’.

Get your copy now! 🙂


Amazon UK

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Book Review: Black Hawk Day Rewind

Black Hawk Day Rewind

by Dominick Fencer and Baibin Nighthawk


The Cast

Mark Savannah, aka Barnett Cooper.  And Turner Cooper (dead father but still a strong influence on our star.)

The Vague Description (trying not to give plot spoilers)

Barnett, who did not have a good family life growing up (his father was killed in action when he was thirteen) grew up wanting to make his mark in the medical sciences.  Except his past (and his father’s), comes back to stop him when he is trying to finish his PHD in London.

He is co-opted into MI6 and through various missions Barnett begins to uncover more of his father’s past and death, as well as uncovering a deadly programme using mind control experiments on transplant patients through the facade of a company called BioSketch Technologies.

This is a fast paced book, though I did not really care for Barnett Cooper, I did begin to warm to him when he became Mark Savannah.  This is an action driven plot laced with global conspiracies where you will be rooting for this unlikable underdog to win!


Never take anything in your life at face value.  Make it your business to find out more!

End Thought

I want to learn to fly, be it a plane or helicopter, it doesn’t matter. Though, unlike Barnett, I AM scared of gravity.

This is a perfect read for a long weekend where you will not be rushed or continually on the go.  This is a book where you will bite the head off anyone who interrupts you while reading it.


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Winter’s Magic is here!


Book Blurb

Kaitlyn Winter is biting at the bit to become an active agent for the Restricted Practitioners Unit.  And on her first day in the job she is thrown into a virtual s**t storm (to put it nicely).

First, she gets targeted for Assassination by The Sharda’s top assassin

Second, her Werewolf best friend decides that her being ‘Straight’ means she can’t protect herself and places her in protective custody

Third, the love of her life still won’t notice her existence and the Tempus Mage who’s set to keep an eye on her is infuriatingly attractive….

Winter’s Magic is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle here

hmmm – I might even do a  video showing off how good my paperbacks actually are ‘in the flesh’ – I always put little added tweaks in them, that you can’t really put in an ebook …

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The Enclave – Out Now!

HMClarke_TheEnclaveA story of Vengeance with a Capital V!

Get THE ENCLAVE now at all your favourite online retailers.

Today also happens to be my birthday, so please help support my Birthday Book Bash by givingTHE ENCLAVE a look  🙂


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