The Way to Freedom Swag Giveaway


Hi Guys!

As promised, I’ve got a cool “Way to Freedom series themed” giveaway to tell you about.

Now that book 1.1 The Cavern of Sethi is coming out in December 2016 and the next book in the series (book 6) will be out in February 2017 (The Searchers), I wanted to celebrate.

I decided to do that by giving away a signed paperback of the Complete Season one, a The Way to Freedom Coffee Mug, and a The Way to Freedom 250 piece puzzle 
Now, there is one thing to note about this giveaway.

The thing that you need to note is that you need to leave a review for The Way to Freedom: The Complete Season One with your favourite bookseller.   It doesn’t have to be much, just a one liner will do.  And the review can be good, bad or indifferent (of course I would be heartbroken to see any bad ones :()

And please … tell friends who you think will like the series! (I’ll even help them get into it by giving them the first book free on any of the retailer sites)

Good luck!
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