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My Virtual Book Tour starts today!

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-H. M. Clarke

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Just a short note to say that I have added an Excerpt from The Kalarthri on The Way to Freedom Page.


Book Review – Chronicle of the Roman Republic

Chronicle of the Roman Republic: The Rulers of Ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus  by Philip Matyszak

This is a very good quick reference book for those who do not want to wade through huge blocks of history text to get to the stuff you need or are interested in.

The history of the Roman Republic is made through its people and this book goes about telling roman history through it’s consuls and other notables. It has interesting side panels and information bars for explanations of roman traditions, sites and events.

It is very nicely illustrated with both drawings and photographs of people (their marble countenances)and places from around the Roman Republic. I would recommend this book for anyone with a general interest in roman history and for student use for a school project.


Book Review – Historical

Republican Rome by H. L. Havell.

Even though this book was written in 1914, it does not read like a ‘stodgy’ history book.  It is very easy to read, is not biased to any line of history and is a very good book for those who are interested in the early Roman Republic.  Havell is very good at bringing out a little character in his historical figures instead of just reciting fact, figures and their historical ‘claim to fame’. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read up on the history of Rome.

Going on a Virtual Book Tour….

I am about to embark on a Virtual Book Tour – So I had better start packing my virtual luggage and carry on 🙂

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I will be touring from the 27th February to the 6th March.

When the dates get closer, I will post a schedule so people can follow along 🙂

NB: here is the link   –

I hope you will come join me