The Way to Freedom

Kalarthri 3DBOOK ONE

This Hatar Kalar has more natural Talent than any Second Born found in the Empire.”


The Kalarthri” will take you into a world where Action, Adventure and Friendship will meet you head on and take you for a wild ride to save something most precious- the life of a friend.


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Kindle                  The Kalarthri (The Way to Freedom Book 1)

Kalena awakes one morning to find her world changed forever….

The Imperium Provosts of the Great Suene Empire have come to take Kalena away from her family and friends.

All because she is Second Born.

The Second Born Rule declares that all second born children above the age of five become indentured to the Empire for a period of thirty years to serve wherever the Empire sees fit. After the thirty-year period, the Kalarthri (as the indentured are called), are then pensioned into retirement by the Empire.

Kalena is different in that she has a special gift that is much sort out by the Imperium Provosts. Her mind has the ability to accept the special ‘living’ crystal that is implanted into her head to enable her to partner a Hatar’le’margarten (Hatar) in the Military Flight Corps. Kalarthri who are in the Flight Corps are indentured for life.

Taken to Darkon, Kalena is paired with one of the giant, feathered Hatar’le’margarten. But when Kalena accidentally injures one of her Wingmates, there is a race against time to find the one man who can help them.

Kalena and her New Hatar Partner, Adhamh, are determined that they will be the ones to find him.

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