A Big Thank You – And I need your Help


Thank you for reading!

I am very glad that you have enjoyed my books.  (I have to tell you that my favourite is still The Kalarthri. ) Many readers have been asking me three things.

  • When is Season Two coming out for The Way to Freedom?
  • Will there be any stories of Kalena growing up as a Hatar Kalar?
  • When is part three to Winter’s Magic coming out?

And here I will answer these J

  • Season Two for The Way to Freedom, is now planned to start being released this September (That’s the plan anyway.)
  • Yes, there will be more stories of Kalena and Adhamh’s adventures growing up at Darkon.
  • Act three of Winter’s Magic will be released in the next month or so.

As an author, I love feedback.  And since most of my mail has been about The Way to Freedom Series, I will be focusing more on writing more stories based in this world and with these characters.   Please feel free to tell me what you liked, what you loved, even what you hated.  I’d love to hear from you.  It is this feedback that tells me what to focus my time on.  Leave me a message here.

Finally, I need to ask a favour.  If you’re so inclined, I’d love it if you would leave a review for any of my books on Amazon.  Love them, or hate them – I’d just enjoy your feedback.

As you may have realised, real reviews can be tough to come by these days.  You, the reader have the power to make or break a book.  If you have time, here is a link to my author page on Amazon.  You can find and leave a review for all of my books here.

I just want to thank you all so much for reading my work and for sharing your time with me.

Peace, love and cheesecake

H.M. Clarke

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