Book Review – The Dreaming by Gina Briganti

The DreamingThe Cast

Dana is a celebrity cook book author.  Joe is a horse breeder and Rancher.  Both are searching for the missing element in their lives.  Will they find out that it is each other they are looking for?

The vague description (Trying not to give plot spoilers)

The Dreaming’ is a Romance with so many different layers

The Romance itself,

The romance of Independence,

The romance of Self Confidence,

The romance of life outdoors,

The romance of Celebrity,

The romance of life in general.

This book is a paranormal romance story about the celebration of life in all its intricate details, and that the good parts of life always come at you from unexpected angles.  (Such as with Dana meeting Joe and their experiences together within ‘The Dreaming’.)

The Dreaming is a place that coexists alongside our own reality, and which only ‘certain’ people can access through their dreams.

It is fun exploring ‘The Dreaming’ through Dana’s experiences and you find yourself happy that she has finally found a ‘soulmate’ that she can share her life and family with.  Especially after the soulless existence she had with her first husband.


You only have one life – never settle for something you are not happy with, otherwise you may wake up one morning and wonder ‘what was the point of the last eighty years….’

End thought

My one thought on finishing this book though is …. I wish I could cook like Dana…  🙂

I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a nice uplifting story to read on a long summers afternoon with a cold drink beside you on the back porch….where maybe you might drift into sleep and experience a ‘Dreaming’ of your own.


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