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Miriya by Jade Kerrion – Bloggers Book Fair & Giveaway

Miriya by Jade Kerrion

JADE KERRION is the author of the Double Helix series, which has won a total of eight science fiction awards, including the Gold Medal in Readers Favorites 2013. Her Guild Wars fan fiction was accused of keeping her readers up at night, distracting them from work, housework, homework, and (far worse), from actually playing Guild Wars. And then she wondered why just screw up the time management skills of gamers? Why not aspire to screw everyone else up too? So here she is, writing science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance novels that aspire to keep you from doing anything else useful with your time.


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Science Fiction | New Adult


Thirty years into the First Genetic Revolution, society’s tolerance for human derivatives is wearing thin. Clones and in vitros are regarded with suspicion, and mutants with resentment.  Yet in spite of the hostile environment, some alpha telepaths—like Miriya Templeton—have thrived.

Her luck is running out.

Destiny has set her life on a collision course with Danyael Sabre, the alpha empath who can kill with a touch. Whether he becomes friend or foe, whether he and she live or die, will depend on the choices she makes. On her decisions hang the outcomes of the Second Genetic Revolution.  Miriya, however, does not believe in destiny, nor want any part of the revolution. It is up to the enforcer, Jake Hansen, to convince her otherwise, and he is running out of time.

Miriya is a FREE prelude novella to the Double Helix series which has won 8 awards to date. It also includes a link for a FREE download of Perfection Unleashed. You have nothing to lose by checking it out, so I hope you’ll grab your copy today.


When did you start writing?

I started writing in high school. My largest writing endeavor prior to getting published was fan fiction for the MMORPG Guild Wars. I started writing to publish in 2010. My debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, won 6 literary awards and launched the Double Helix series.

What inspires your writing?

My characters inspire me. They all have stories, and they’re clamoring to be told. My favorite is the assassin, Zara Itani. She’s part-Lebanese, part-Venezuelan, and can wreak more havoc with love than most people can with hate. She’s the heroine (and I use that term with much hesitation) in the Double Helix series.

What is the best part about being a writer?

What I enjoy best is seeing the characters and the worlds come to life through words. It’s an incredible feeling receiving feedback and reviews where people say how much they loved the characters that I loved and nurtured.

Tell us something cool about you or your book! Be sure to include the book titles.

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5 Short Stories by J.C. Conway – Bloggers Book Fair & Giveaway

5 Short Stories by J.C. Conway

JC n1929J.C. Conway writes romance, science-fiction, and fantasy stories for adults, young adults and middle-grade readers. He is a long-standing member of Romance Writers of America, Yosemite Romance Writers, the World Science Fiction Society, and Mystery Writers of America. He is also a complex-litigation attorney, a former high-school math and computer science teacher, a family man, and a fan of great fiction that stretches the imagination, probes the depths of the human condition or otherwise illuminates the unknown or the misunderstood.

J.C. Conway’s passion for writing began early. He loved grade school assignments that allowed him to write about whatever he wanted, which generally meant at the time, in no particular order, dinosaurs, robots, giant insects, mass destruction, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he’s added romance, tense personal conflict and emotional dilemmas.

His debut novel, Hearts in Ruin, a contemporary romance about two archaeologists on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery, was released by Liquid Silver Books May 5, 2014. His short stories have appeared in Tales of the Talisman, Mystic Signals, Battlespace (a charitable publication, the proceeds of which go to help wounded veterans through the Warrior Cry Music Project) and many other print an online publications. A full listing of his work is available at his website: http://jcconway.com.


Website | Twitter | Facebook

Short Stories

Worlds Less Traveled

Science Fiction | Adult


An attorney at an off-world deposition faces a strange witness and even stranger circumstances. But can his senses be trusted this far from Earth as his anti-psychotic field wanes? “Worlds Less Traveled” is a fresh look at at an ageless problem, rife with intrigue, corporate malfeasance and relentless tension in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Previously published by Perihelion Science Fiction and available in audio from Comets and Criminals, this short story by J. C. Conway keeps readers guessing and engaged. “Giggle, snicker, chuckle… oh, I liked that.” Don’t miss the chance to glimpse humanity from the eyes one of its troubled own as he struggles with internal and external adversity on a world less traveled.

Only $.99!

Gentle Push

Science Fiction | Adult


An alien scout from an ancient and advanced species encounters a human for the first time as Earth’s colonies retreat from an advancing horde. It finds the human unusual, in its own way, and the encounter is not what it expects. But its first observation are only the beginning of its surprises.

 First published in Mindflights Magazine, this quirky and uplifting short story by J. C. Conway explores human love, sacrifice, loyalty and perseverance in the face of crushing adversity.

 Only $.99!

Murphy’s Traverse

Science Fiction | Adult


Centuries-long interstellar colony missions are serious business. It is Murphy’s job to make sure the ship arrives in one piece and he has at his disposal the resources of the entire vessel and its advanced caretaker programs to ensure he meets that goal. With nothing in their path and a vast store of redundant systems, what could go wrong?

 Only $.99!

Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies

Fantasy | Middle Grade


Carolyn is on a fairy hunt. She has the book, she has the time, and she knows where to look. But is fairy magic, and its source, something Carolyn is ready to face?

Only $.99!


Silence of the Imbeciles

Fantasy | Middle Grade


14-year-old Frankie Turnbull is fascinated with magic wands and he is very good at making them, as the enchanted beings have assured him. But with great power comes terrible consequences, and Frankie must learn to face his. Originally published by Residential Aliens, this story has been described as “very well written, understated and poignant.” While Frankie’s problems seem unusual for a 21st Century small-town kid, there is something universal at the heart of his troubles and his reaction to them.

Only $.99!

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Rivals by Doug Solter

Rivals has now been launched!



It is release week for Rivals, the sequel to Skid


Skid is available for free as an ebook in the kindle store and at other online retailers.

Rivals is available now in paperback  and ebook at all good online retailers – but if you wish to buy from Amazon, just click the image you need above and it will link you to the books product page.

Excerpt from Rivals


Melbourne, Australia

Six days later

It’s Sunday. First race day of the season. The one day of the racing week where everything I’ve done before means absolutely nothing if I don’t perform. The one day I’m alone. No more appearances. No more team press conferences. No more race events that I have to pretend to enjoy. No more fans wanting this perfect version of Samantha Sutton that I could never be but inside their heads. It’s now my day to be selfish. To do what I want to do.

In my hotel room, I munch on some cheese curls and a banana for breakfast. Nothing heavy, only enough to get me to lunch. But I drink a ton of water because staying hydrated is so important for the race, and it’s smart to start early.

Next I take out the framed picture of me and my dad, the one I always carry when I’m on the road. It was taken years ago when I first started racing karts. I was so shy then. Seriously. Look at that twelve-year-old girl. The way her smile and shoulders droop. The way she sticks her skinny arms close to her body. Even in a tough-looking racing suit she was so unsure of herself and needed a great dad to boost her confidence. Dad has his arm around me, and the pride on his face is priceless. I miss those bushy eyebrows and that large chin.

I like looking at this picture before every race. I want to remind myself who I owe this incredible gift to. And it is a gift. I’m not talking about racing cars. I’m talking about Dad’s gift of confidence in myself. I would never, ever be doing this if Dad didn’t believe in his shy daughter.

The next thing I do as part of my race-day ritual is paint my nails. I grab the silver nail polish and start on my toes first. I know. I’m weird. But ever since I started racing, I would always paint my nails the same color as my race car. So far it’s been a good luck charm.

An hour later, I drive to the Albert Park racing circuit with Paige. I step into the garage and talk with Scott and Maurice about the car.

Manny joins us. He smiles and I melt.

He assures me that his new transmission checks out fine. But all I can think about is that garden in Jerez. I just realized I haven’t talked to Manny at all this week. It’s not like I avoided him. But I needed one of those I’m-pissed-off-now-so-leave-me-alone moments after he told me about Hanna.

I’m still not cool with him talking to his ex-girlfriend, but am I too paranoid? Manny would never do anything to hurt me. Not knowingly, anyway. When Hanna came to see him that night, Manny was kind to her because he’s a kind and gentle person who’s more compassionate than me.

I couldn’t see that at first. Hanna was his first girlfriend, so of course I felt threatened. Manny probably sees Hanna as someone he can help. That’s what so different about the boy. Being around Manny will make me a better person. And I want to be better. I want to be kinder and more compassionate. I would love those great things about Manny to rub off.

I hope he’s not mad at me for basically ignoring him this week.

Manny knows you’re a driver, Samantha. He knows what kind of schedule you have.

I know. I should stop worrying about it. Manny will always be there for me.

“Do you want to be left alone now?” he asks.

Scott and Maurice talk about something else. Our little pre race conference is done. A part of me doesn’t want Manny to leave. But I still need to do my warm-up exercises. And all the drivers will be gathering soon to take a lap around the circuit to see the fans. Then I have to eat lunch and begin to focus on the race.

Reluctantly, I nod.


About Doug

Author Doug SolterHe began writing screenplays in 1998 and became a 2001 semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. he then made the switch to writing young adult novels in 2008. Doug is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He respect cats, loves the mountains, and one time walked the streets of Barcelona with a smile on his face.




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Writing Update: 19th August

Hayley - workHello Again!

Winter’s Magic:Act One is due out in a fortnight and it is now available for pre-order on amazon.  With Act Two due for release on the 25th October 2014.

The Dream Thief – The second Way to Freedom book has just finished it’s second draft and is still on track for it’s mid December release date.  Covers for the Dream Thief have been designed and will soon go out to my ‘Explorers’ on my Newsletter for their opinion.

The next piece of news is that I am going to delay the writing of Fyre and instead finish working on The Verge Book 2.  People want the sequel  to The Enclave, so I will ‘cave in’ to the pressure and give them what they want 🙂 (Plus Katherine needs to go out and kick some more Alliance Arse!)

And the final piece of news is that I am writing a novella for a new anthology themed for Romantic Fantasy.  As this project develops further, I will give out more news.

Well, I think that’s everything I have for now – ’til next time


– Hayley

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The Enclave Giveaway Winners!

HMClarke_TheEnclaveCongratulations to

Brandyn of Wisconsin and
Jessica of Indiana

for winning my THE ENCLAVE giveaway.

I will be sending the books soon and you should receive them in the next few weeks.  If you can read and either write a review or put up a star rating on both Amazon and Goodreads for THE ENCLAVE, it will be much appreciated 🙂



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Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to

Matthew from West Virginia, and
Roberta from Kentucky

for winning my Howling Vengeance giveaway.

I will be sending the books in the next few days and you should receive them in the next few weeks.  If you can read and either write a review or put up a star rating on both Amazon and Goodreads for Howling Vengeance, it will be much appreciated 🙂



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Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to

Pernilla from New South Wales, Australia,
Dina from New York, USA,
Alexa from Ohio, USA, and
Kai from California, USA

for winning my Kalarthri giveaway.

I will be sending the books in the next few days and you should receive them in the next few weeks.  If you can read and either write a review or put up a star rating on both Amazon and Goodreads for The Kalarthri, it will be much appreciated 🙂



Interview with Michael SciFan

Good Morning

I have an Interview with Michael SciFan.  Please go over and take a look.  Link is below.


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My Virtual Book Tour starts today!

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Site update

Just a short note to say that I have added an Excerpt from The Kalarthri on The Way to Freedom Page.