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Daughters of Destiny- Out Today!

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My Book ‘The Enclave’ is part of a box set that is out today!  For a limited time the entire 10 book set is being priced at 0.99 cents!  If you want a nice selection of Fantasy and Sci Fi, then you can’t go wrong with this box set.

Ten full-length novels, ten heroines at the right hand of destiny…

Whether you’re slaying vampires or holding your own alongside superheroes, one of the best things about heroines is that they show us how strong, cunning, and magical they can be.

This box set contains TEN complete novels, all gripping and intriguing stories with women rocking rebellions, handing out justice, battling shadow gods, and bending the wills of kings.

Contributing authors include: Seattle Times bestselling author Raven Oak, Amazon bestselling authors Alesha Escobar, Devorah Fox, Christa Yelich-Koth, NIEA finalist HM Jones, the fantastic sci-fi/fantasy mavens HM Clarke, Sara C. Roethle, HB Lyne, JC Cassels, and Kylie Qullinan.

These science fiction and fantasy tales will take you on a thrilling journey!

Grab it and enjoy!


Free and Discounted Ebooks!



Download these Free and Discounted Ebooks!

Science Fiction & Fantasy – BEGINS Nov. 20!

These deals will be active between November 20 and December 31. Book covers with no dates are free or at the present discount price for the *entire* promo. I will do my due diligence to remove expired deals, but please make sure to double check pricing 🙂

My Book – The Kalarthri is a part of this promo 🙂


Help Lilo get to #1 on Amazon on November 20th!

Hello Everyone

My fellow author, Lilo Abernathy’s book, The Light Who Shines is going to be featured as a Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon!

This is HUGE!

It will be reduced to: $1.99 for ONE DAY ONLY!
When: Thursday, 11/20/2014

From Lilo:

My friend Brandt Legg (author of the Inner Movement Series) had a Kindle Daily Deal and sold 3000 copies on one day. He made it to #38. I checked and it is possible to get to #1 starting at around 3500 book sales in one day. It will be so close! I couldn’t help but try to get to #1. But I really need help from you, the book community, to get there.

How You Can Help
If you have been considering buying it . . .
Thursday is the day to do it! get it here

If you read it already and loved it . . .
Please recommend it to your friends on Thursday.
1. Go to this page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2…
2. Click the “Recommend It” link in the upper right hand corner and select friends who you think might like it.

If you want to help more . . .
Join my Facebook event where authors, bloggers, and readers are galvanizing into action to help push this book to #1. I have all the material you need to promote it there. It is wonderful to see the book community in action.




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Winter’s Magic is here!


Book Blurb

Kaitlyn Winter is biting at the bit to become an active agent for the Restricted Practitioners Unit.  And on her first day in the job she is thrown into a virtual s**t storm (to put it nicely).

First, she gets targeted for Assassination by The Sharda’s top assassin

Second, her Werewolf best friend decides that her being ‘Straight’ means she can’t protect herself and places her in protective custody

Third, the love of her life still won’t notice her existence and the Tempus Mage who’s set to keep an eye on her is infuriatingly attractive….

Winter’s Magic is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle here

hmmm – I might even do a  video showing off how good my paperbacks actually are ‘in the flesh’ – I always put little added tweaks in them, that you can’t really put in an ebook …

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Book Review – Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur

Circle of FireThe Cast

Maddie is a reclusive rose grower with secrets.  John,  a shapeshifting Private Investigator who wants to be left alone.

The Vague Description

The Circle of Fire is a romantic paranormal mystery with not much of a ‘who dun it’ aspect.  The characters are likable enough, though Maddie annoyed me sometimes with her running internal monologues of put downs and variations of ‘what a bad person I am’.

The romance also felt a little forced but was still entertaining.  And I did feel a little robbed with the ending, but overall the story lines and the case was still nicely wrapped up.  I did not like this as much as the Nikki and Michael and Riley Jensen novels.  But I would read this again for a light, easy read.


Don’t give in to your fears.  Take control of your own life and never live ‘down’ to the expectation of others.

End Thought

I wish I could start fires with just a single thought.  It would make BBQ’s and campfires soooo much easier.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick, light, entertaining romance with a little ‘flight of fancy’ 🙂


Get Circle of Fire Here

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I have now updated my Works in Progress page with Book blurbs for both projects

Please feel free to have a look and tell me what you think.


What should I do next?

Okay, I now find myself in a bit of a dilemma…

I have been working on two manuscripts and I don’t know which one to devote my time too to polish up for my next book.

One is a Western Supernatural Murder/Mystery called ‘One Hand too Many’ and the other is a Paranormal/Urban fantasy called ‘The Order’ (Brief descriptions are in my WIP page link in the menu above)

Now I know the above is not much to go on, but I would like to hear your opinion on what Manuscript I should work on next.

Should it be the Western or the Urban Fantasy?



This is my freshly cleaned and minted home for all of my books to come and relax and mellow out with anyone who wishes to join them!

In the next few weeks I will be adding new content to this site and as my other titles are released, they will be getting their own pages for fans to peruse.

Please, come and look around. And if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see here, please leave a comment 🙂