A Gift for a Fan

Hi everyone

Just thought I send this out (and give a big shout out to Ivy)

Ivy emailed me last year and we got to talking about writing, the universe and everything.  And when she asked how she could get an autographed book, I said that I could design a book plate and sign that to send to her (BTW – she lives in New Zealand while I’m in the USA).

Then six months flew by and the book plate was still not ready (still not).  So I asked her since I’ve had the series re-branded whether she would like a signed copy of the new look omnibus and some matching bookmarks instead of the book plate because I’d kept her waiting for so long.

She said yes!

And here is a pic of what I sent her.  Ivy, you should be getting this in the mail in the next week or so. 🙂

Peace, love and cheesecake

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