Help Lilo get to #1 on Amazon on November 20th!

Hello Everyone

My fellow author, Lilo Abernathy’s book, The Light Who Shines is going to be featured as a Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon!

This is HUGE!

It will be reduced to: $1.99 for ONE DAY ONLY!
When: Thursday, 11/20/2014

From Lilo:

My friend Brandt Legg (author of the Inner Movement Series) had a Kindle Daily Deal and sold 3000 copies on one day. He made it to #38. I checked and it is possible to get to #1 starting at around 3500 book sales in one day. It will be so close! I couldn’t help but try to get to #1. But I really need help from you, the book community, to get there.

How You Can Help
If you have been considering buying it . . .
Thursday is the day to do it! get it here

If you read it already and loved it . . .
Please recommend it to your friends on Thursday.
1. Go to this page:…
2. Click the “Recommend It” link in the upper right hand corner and select friends who you think might like it.

If you want to help more . . .
Join my Facebook event where authors, bloggers, and readers are galvanizing into action to help push this book to #1. I have all the material you need to promote it there. It is wonderful to see the book community in action.…




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