The Dream Thief is here!

The Dream Thief 3DHello Everyone 🙂

Book two of the Way to Freedom Series, The Dream Thief, is now out on Amazon


Book Blurb

The Empire is on the verge of war.

The ancient enemy has returned and betrayal is thick in the air.

Eight years after Kalena became a Flyer, she is being sent North with her wing to garrison the mountainous Northern Pass. They are the first line of defense against unknown enemy numbers.

But what she encounters there, no one could have foreseen and is more dangerous than what the Empire faces to the North.

The Dream Thief is available now here

Book One: The Kalarthri is available here

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One thought on “The Dream Thief is here!”

  1. Congratulations on releasing “The Dream Thief”! I’m looking forward to reading Kalena’s new adventure. I’m especially interested in seeing her as an adult after her impressive debut in “The Kalarthri”.

    I’m sharing your announcement to Facebook.


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