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Miriya by Jade Kerrion

JADE KERRION is the author of the Double Helix series, which has won a total of eight science fiction awards, including the Gold Medal in Readers Favorites 2013. Her Guild Wars fan fiction was accused of keeping her readers up at night, distracting them from work, housework, homework, and (far worse), from actually playing Guild Wars. And then she wondered why just screw up the time management skills of gamers? Why not aspire to screw everyone else up too? So here she is, writing science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance novels that aspire to keep you from doing anything else useful with your time.


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Science Fiction | New Adult


Thirty years into the First Genetic Revolution, society’s tolerance for human derivatives is wearing thin. Clones and in vitros are regarded with suspicion, and mutants with resentment.  Yet in spite of the hostile environment, some alpha telepaths—like Miriya Templeton—have thrived.

Her luck is running out.

Destiny has set her life on a collision course with Danyael Sabre, the alpha empath who can kill with a touch. Whether he becomes friend or foe, whether he and she live or die, will depend on the choices she makes. On her decisions hang the outcomes of the Second Genetic Revolution.  Miriya, however, does not believe in destiny, nor want any part of the revolution. It is up to the enforcer, Jake Hansen, to convince her otherwise, and he is running out of time.

Miriya is a FREE prelude novella to the Double Helix series which has won 8 awards to date. It also includes a link for a FREE download of Perfection Unleashed. You have nothing to lose by checking it out, so I hope you’ll grab your copy today.


When did you start writing?

I started writing in high school. My largest writing endeavor prior to getting published was fan fiction for the MMORPG Guild Wars. I started writing to publish in 2010. My debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, won 6 literary awards and launched the Double Helix series.

What inspires your writing?

My characters inspire me. They all have stories, and they’re clamoring to be told. My favorite is the assassin, Zara Itani. She’s part-Lebanese, part-Venezuelan, and can wreak more havoc with love than most people can with hate. She’s the heroine (and I use that term with much hesitation) in the Double Helix series.

What is the best part about being a writer?

What I enjoy best is seeing the characters and the worlds come to life through words. It’s an incredible feeling receiving feedback and reviews where people say how much they loved the characters that I loved and nurtured.

Tell us something cool about you or your book! Be sure to include the book titles.

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