Six Writing Productivity Lessons I learnt from Star Trek…

Lenard Nimoy – TOS
Zachary Quinto – Movie Reboot






I love Star Trek, so I thought I would make a post centered entirely around my favourite character – Mr Spock!  The tips are the same you can find anywhere else, they have just been dressed up to make them more memorable 🙂

1)  Vulcan Nerve Pinch One Person at a Time

Spock knew that if he tried to Nerve Pinch multiple people at once, he would fail.  If he did not multi-task, why should you?

2)  Spend Time in Rest

Spock rested and meditated to renew himself and find his ‘centre’.  He knew to rest and recuperate, so should you.

3)  Focus on Your ‘Fascinating’

Solving scientific conundrums and mission priorities was always at the top of Mr Spock’s to-do list, nothing could distract him.  Be as focussed as Mr Spock.

4)  Discipline Lt. Valeris

When people you rely on let you down, you must take them to task to make sure that it does not happen again.

5)  Find a Starship Captain to keep you accountable

Mr Spock was accountable to Captain Kirk, and that kept him focussed.  Find someone who will hold you accountable in the same way.

6)  Find your Centre

Just as Mr Spock’s Strength’s and mental quickness flowed from his calmness, his centre, so should you learn to trust your instincts and work with your strengths.

Adapt these tips above to your writing – or to any work/project to have in mind, and you may find your output increase more than you could have hoped.


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