Book Review: Black Hawk Day Rewind

Black Hawk Day Rewind

by Dominick Fencer and Baibin Nighthawk


The Cast

Mark Savannah, aka Barnett Cooper.  And Turner Cooper (dead father but still a strong influence on our star.)

The Vague Description (trying not to give plot spoilers)

Barnett, who did not have a good family life growing up (his father was killed in action when he was thirteen) grew up wanting to make his mark in the medical sciences.  Except his past (and his father’s), comes back to stop him when he is trying to finish his PHD in London.

He is co-opted into MI6 and through various missions Barnett begins to uncover more of his father’s past and death, as well as uncovering a deadly programme using mind control experiments on transplant patients through the facade of a company called BioSketch Technologies.

This is a fast paced book, though I did not really care for Barnett Cooper, I did begin to warm to him when he became Mark Savannah.  This is an action driven plot laced with global conspiracies where you will be rooting for this unlikable underdog to win!


Never take anything in your life at face value.  Make it your business to find out more!

End Thought

I want to learn to fly, be it a plane or helicopter, it doesn’t matter. Though, unlike Barnett, I AM scared of gravity.

This is a perfect read for a long weekend where you will not be rushed or continually on the go.  This is a book where you will bite the head off anyone who interrupts you while reading it.


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