Small Excerpt from The Kalarthri

KCS1Here is a small excerpt from my book THE KALARTHRI.  I hope you enjoy it

“Wing Lieutenant.  Where do you think you are going with that girl?” the Captain’s voice was hard and emotionless and Kalena moved closer to Gwidion.  She did not like this man.

Gwidion snapped his feet together and made the Captain a small bow.  “We are heading for the Mess Hall Sir.”

The Captain stared at them a long moment.

“Has she been tested yet?” he suddenly asked.

“No Sir.  Not properly.”

“Do you think it wise to let her near other Hatar Kalar until you are sure she cannot hear them?”

Kalena felt the hand on her shoulder stiffen.  She clung tighter to the Wing Lieutenant.

“Test her for me now Kalar.”

“What? She has only just undergone the Krytal.”

“Talk to your beast now and let us see if she can hear you!” The Captain said leaving no room for argument.

Gwidion opened his mouth to say more but thought better of it.

“Very well.”

He looked down at Kalena and she could not help but smile up at him.

“Kalena, I’m about to talk in mind voice.  If you can hear me can you repeat it for the Captain.”

Kalena nodded as Adhamh’s voice flooded through her head.

Remember.  Pretend you do not hear them.’

I remember Adhamh.’

Gwidion eyes remained on her but they suddenly unfocused and Kalena heard the familiar whisperings in her mind.

Kalena, if you can hear this tell the Captain that he is a fart faced maggot off of a horses rear that needs-‘

Gwidion! Be respectful.’ A female voice said sternly.

Sorry Jolar but he is.’

Kalena tried not to show any reaction on her face.  If she had said what Gwidion had said her father would have washed her mouth out with lye soap.


The Captain’s voice cut through Gwidion’s mental chatter.  Kalena shrank back behind Gwidion.

“Kalena, did you hear anything?  I did not hear you repeat my words.”

Suddenly she felt her arm gripped by fingers of iron and yanked forward and Kalena found herself face to face with the Captain.  His thoughts were jumbled and confused but full of anger and fear.  Kalena immediately blocked them from her mind.

“Answer the lieutenant Kalar.”

Tears started to trickle down her cheeks and Kalena tried to stop herself from blubbering.  Dimly a roar was heard from outside and she heard Gwidion talking urgently with the Captain.

“-you are upsetting her and her new Hatar partner.  He feels her fear through the link.’

The Captain seemed not to hear the Lieutenant’s words.

“Did you hear him?”

Kalena shook her head; her voice did not want to work.

Suddenly the Captain backhanded her across the face.  She would have collapsed if not for the Captain’s iron grip on her arm.  Her face stung like fire and she felt Gwidion shift behind her.

“Answer me in an appropriate manner, Kalar”

“Damaging State property is not setting a good example to the men Captain Jerant.”

The Captain released his grip and spun around in surprise.  The two infantrymen immediately turned and smartly saluted.  Kalena jumped back to Gwidion’s side and she felt him place a protective hand on her shoulder as he guided her back behind him.

“Provost Marshall Brock,” the Captain stammered.

The Provost Marshall’s eyes flicked across everyone present in the hallway, lingering longest on the red mark that now rose across Kalena’s face.

“I think you need to come to my office and explain your actions to me Captain.  You know there is a ban on children undergoing the Krytal.”

The Provost Marshall then swept past them and continued along the corridor without waiting to see if his request would be followed.  Captain Jerant stood a moment glaring hard at both Kalena and Gwidion before turning swiftly to follow the Provost Marshall.


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