Them’s Writing Words!


Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they say something that sparks a story idea in your head?

then you miss the rest of the conversation because you are desperately trying to imprint the idea in your brain so you can get it down on paper at a later time…

This tends to happen a lot to me and usually I can’t get to a piece of paper (or my phone) in time to get the idea, and the emotion behind it, down.

…immediately grabbing your phone in mid conversation can be seen as a little rude…

I also get story ideas from news articles, history books/sites, and through things that happen around me.  Because of this I have a large collection of paper slips that get tucked into my idea book when I get home.  I have been storing my ideas like this for years and have several notebooks full of stuff that I go back to when I need inspiration.

Nowadays there are a lot of places online where you can share snippets of information that can then be accessed from any where, at anytime.  For me though, I still like the act of physically picking up a pen and writing it.  This helps my thoughts flow better.  This is why I always write my first drafts by hand.  I then start my editing drafts when I ‘transcribe’ it on a word processor.

How do others find and store their ideas?  Please share your thoughts in the comment’s section.  I really would like to know what works for you 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Them’s Writing Words!”

  1. Guess what I started reading today?! “The Kalarthri”! I’m excited. Can you tell?

    My story ideas come from all over; sometimes a title will pop into my head, and I’ll write a story around it. Or a character name, like my character Geneva Bloom, who ended up in a Tipsy Lit Challenge Prompted competition. I love when I have a trippy dream and can weave it into a story. Other times I want to capture a feeling, like in “The Dreaming” when my greatest wish was to write a dreamy romance. There is usually a fair amount of true life experience woven
    into my stories which I’m told makes them easy to be a part of. I like to watch people, and when I do, stories start to take form from what they’re doing.

    I have paper and computer files filled with notes waiting for their turn to be turned into stories. It’s a nice feeling, if I don’t let it pressure me. I’ll get to write them all in due time.


    1. I’m going to start reading The Dreaming this weekend. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has slips of paper and notebooks everywhere 🙂


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