Book Review: Your First 1000 Copies

1st 1000 copies

Your First 1000 Copies – By Tim Grahl

In “Your First 1,000 Copies,” Tim Grahl describes a system that he has used in his own business for the promotion of authors and their book launches. He believes in the importance of an email list that was created with the permission of each email subscriber. He explains how these meaningful connections will work for you in the long run. He also gives his opinion on how social media is just one of many considerations when you become an author – but is not as important as most people think.

This book is filled with advice you can use with the knowledge that it has been tried and tested and only needs patience and a little hard work to accomplish. It will get most people out of their comfort zones and on track to book selling success.

After reading this book you will know how to effectively use your blog content to attract attention (without sounding like a pushy salesperson) and know who is an influencer and who you should contact about your book. You may even find yourself approaching bloggers and asking them if you can do a guest blog post or maybe even to review your work if you can come to an arrangement that can benefit both parties.

The one big takeaway that I got from this book is Tim’s underlying principle to be ‘relentlessly helpful’ to people.  This is a principle that I agree with.  You give out good karma and good karma will return to you.

And being ‘relentlessly helpful’ is a goal that Tim has met in this book.  I would recommend it to all Authors or in fact anyone who is trying to get their product or message out in front of people.  After all, if people don’t know you exist, they don’t know about your book!


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