Book Review – My Girlfriend Bites

“My Girlfriend Bites” by Doug Solter

MGBThis tale did lag a little in some parts but it is a really well written and entertaining story. The characters and their relationships were well developed and is mainly a romance story with paranormal elements thrown in. I got to know the characters and have empathy for their various situations and backgrounds.

Aideen Jay, the ‘boyfriend’ reminded me a little in concept to Thomas Covenant, Donaldson’s cowardly anti-hero from his Thomas Covenant series. Bree was a good strong foil to Aideen (though I got tired of her saying ‘Super’ all the time.)

I did like the fact that Solter created a realistic and believable background and culture/community for his werewolves. And I like the idea behind the main antagonists and would have liked to have found out more about these ‘demon skins’. I hope any future book in the series goes towards finding out more about these creatures and who (or what) created them.

This book also reminded me about how horrible kids can be to each other in High School. Only taking each other at surface value and only thinking in the moment with no thought on future consequences to themselves or others. I am glad that the real world is not wholly reflected in the microcosm of High School, and that some of the shallow characters in this book find out more about the person behind the stereotype e.g. Pamela and Issy.

I am hoping to get to read more about Aiden and Bree in another book – the ending of the story did look set up for another book and as I mentioned above there are some story lines that could do with some tidying up and another book in the series would do this nicely…

I would recommend this book to lovers of werewolf stories and teen Paranormal Romance junkies (like me :))


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